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How to earn RiseCoin Token with CryptoBoiler?

Cryptoboiler shares the revenue generated on ads in the form of RiseCoin Token. Find in the answer how to do that.

Below are the steps you need to follow to earn RiseCoin Token with CryptoBoiler?

1.    Visit CryptoBoiler Knowledge sharing platform at https://cryptoboiler.co 

Step 1 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

2.    Click on Sign in / Sign up button on the top right of the screen.

Step 2 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

3.    Click on sign up button and fill up the details.

Step 3 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

4.    After sign up an email confirmation link will be sent on your email address. Click on the link to confirm your email address. If you can’t see the same please check spam folder as well because sometimes it lands in your spam folder. Still if you didn’t receive email then wait for 10 mins maximum as there could be delay in rare situation.

Step 4 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

5.    After you confirm your email address. Login to update your details.

Step 5 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

6.    Click on the profile to access and edit your information.

Step 6 - A - Cryptoboiler.co.png

Step 6 -B - Cryptoboiler.co.png

7.    Update your personal ERC20 Wallet address or RiseCoin Token receive address from exchange that supports RiseCoin Token.

Step 7 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

8.    Look for a question which you can answer. We sugguest you to visit unanswered tab and look for a question that you can answer. https://cryptoboiler.co/questions/unanswered

Step 8 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

9.    Answer the question in your own words. Please make sure it is not a copy righted material copied from other website. 

Step 9 - Cryptoboiler.co.png

10.    And that’s it. You have shared your wisdom with others.

Please note: 

You answer should be top voted answer in order to be monetized. Only the top most answer with maximum votes are monetized.

CryptoBoiler will share the 55% percent of our revenue that we get on question page that you answered in the form of RiseCoin Token.

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