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The liquidation percentage on Bitmex for 25x, 50x and 100x Leverage difference between short and long. Below is the table for you to understand.


25x -3.38% 3.70%
50x -1.47% 1.55%
100x -0.49% 0.51%


To understand the same let's take an example of 100x. If some is trying to do long with a leverage of 100x then if the price move's down by 0.49% of the entry price then the entire amount will be liquidated (Will be sold and the entire amount will be a loss) for that position.

That was an example of long now lets talk about short. If someone short with 100x leverage then their amount could be liquidated when price move's up by  0.51% of their entry price.

This is how you can calculate the liquidation price for bitmex based on your leverage at 25x and 50x as well.

The above information could be very helpful for you to understand where to take entry. Also when to short and when to long on bitmex.

It is always advisable to long when price reach support and short when price reach resistance or else any thing in between could get you liquidated depending on the leverage you are talking on bitmex as shown in the table above.

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